An Open Source EMail Client and Organiser

Orbit Communicator was the reference application that ended up as the Orbit Framework. It builds on a very versatile integrated NoSQL database system and NoQL query manager to produce a transparent mapping between back-end data-stores and a complex Vue.js UI.

Email Service

Can collect email from both IMAP sources and Google GMail.


A comprehensive built in calendaring system with Google Calendar Sync.


Tightly integrated contact management allowing you to organise email by contact.

Image Processing

Thumbnails everywhere, and the ability to browse emails by attachment thumbnail.

Signature Management

Automatically generated stylish signatures per account / email address.

Asset Management

Keep track of subscriptions, associate them with emails and reminders.

Orbit Features

Orbit Communicator was developed on an “I need it to do …” basis by the authors. As a result it has many of the things you would expect from an Email client, and quite a few you may not. Just to expand on the headlines above there is also a SPAM filtering system, a semi-programmable filtering system that can automatically file emails, play sounds and set reminders based on simple criteria. There is also rudimentary support for the recognition and validation of GPG signatures, and the ability to thumbnail almost any kind of application.

How does it look?

Orbit’s look is a little unorthodox as it’s been built over time through a number if iterations. It’s however relatively consistent and not totally displeasing to the eye. Although it’s happier on powerful desktops, it’s quite usable on a Raspberry Pi desktop computer or on 2010 laptop. If you want to give it a try you can get an installer for Ubuntu 2022 LTS or recent MacOS from the website linked below.

Would you like a piece of software like this? We can help you get started or even produce the entire application, if you’re interested, do get in touch!

Take a look at the Orbit Communicator Website for more details and downloads.