Managed Services
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Navigating the Internet as a business is becoming a complex operation with an even more complex set of associated choices and liabilities.

Why not let the experts do it for you with Managed Services!

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What can we do for you?

Off-load the techno-babble

Trying to navigate online security, web design, forum management, terms and conditions, privacy policies, blogs and backups… It can be a bit of a nightmare if you’re not doing it all the time. Why not let us take it all off your hands?

  • Domain name registration and Management
  • Cloud and on-premises service setup and management
  • Web design, Forum design, Blog Design
  • Managed Email services
  • Organisation-wide Virtual Private Networks
  • On and Off Cloud managed backups

Most companies now have a substantial online estate, whether it be located  within company office space, employees home offices or Online. We can setup, manage and monitor this for you as required.

Sound Interesting? Like to hear more?

If you think this type of service might be of benefit to your company, please get in touch. We’re happy to chat and provide some basic advice, no fee no obligation. We can also provide various business, design and marketing services;

  • Web design and implementation
  • Customer management and online payments
  • Domains and branding
  • Advice on legal requirements
  • Website traffic management, DDOS mitigation
  • Bespoke Software Development

For More information, please head over to the contact US page or hit the Live Chat (speech bubble) icon in the bottom right of the page.

Get Started

All you need for a basic online presence is a Domain name. We will register and manage Domain names for you as a part of our service. You are free to transfer or cancel domains at any time.

UK Domain name
£ 6 /year
  • Fully managed
  • Hosted DNS
  • Free Transfer out
  • Not a special offer
£ 10 /mo
  • Fully managed
  • Own Cloud Server
  • Uptime monitoring
  • DDOS protection
£ 350 /one-off
  • Commercial template
  • Based on your content
  • Choice of theme / colour
  • Option for online-shop
We believe in sustainable Open Source Software

Improve your Business with Open Source Software

Commercial software has been known to come and go, but high quality Open Source software survives as long as users want it to

Who are Managed Services for?
Managed IT Services are designed to allow clients to focus on their core skills while removing the distraction of what are essentially commodity services within the IT industry.
What if we want to Cancel?
One-off services are non-refundable, but ongoing subscriptions can be cancelled at an time. Should you wish to move to another provider we will help as best we can.
So what does a £350 website look like?
Like this. We use all the products we sell, and everything we use is available to customers. This is MadPenguin focusing on and exploiting it's core competencies.
Is your service Secure?
From a technical and business planning perspective, we think it's as secure as it can be. People tend to be the weakest link, we can help with that too in terms of advice and training.

Questions? Please get in touch!

Move your business into the future today without spending a fortune on your IT Department. We deal with the latest technology, security and media, taking away the stress of trying to keep up with the business next door!