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The Mad Penguin Universal BootLoader is designed to make it relatively easy to try out and/or install different Linux distributions. We supply a pre-partitioned USB key with the Universal BootLoader software installed together with some Operating
System ISO images to get you started.

Once your computer has booted from the key you will be able to run the BootLoader software which will allow you to add new images to the key by downloading them from the Internet.

If you would like to see additional images made available via the BootLoader, or if you would like to see your own Linux distribution added, please get in touch or add a new issue to the GitHub tracker for this project. (see below)
For details of how to update and operate the Bootloader Software, please see;


The Boot-Loader software is Open Source software and available under an MIT license. We do not provide support for the software or any Linux distributions. If however, you would like to report bugs or contribute changes, you can do so via the Git repository listed.

Useful Internet Locations

Conditions of Use

The Linux distributions supplied with the USB Key together with any distributions downloaded from the Internet should be unmodified versions of the distributions as produced by the original vendor. When using this software you must agree that the software is supplied on an AS-IS basis with no warranties and no liabilities on any party. These distributions are supplied under Open Source licenses such as the GPL. Each individual (package with each) distribution will have its own license. If you wish to re-use any of this software then please check specific licenses for more details.

Images available via the bootloader often offer the option of installing to your computer. If you choose this option, the resulting installation will overwrite your computer storage.


Please be aware that any ISO images can be loaded onto a USB key alongside this loader and do not form a part of the loader in any way. The loader software is released under an MIT license (details in the Git repository) but licenses for images you may see presented by the loader will be determined by the image producer. Please check with image publishers for more details in terms of usage and licensing.

Product Spec Sheet (PDF)

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Screenshots and Images

The Univeral Bootloader on-disk GUI which allows it to downloader new images and update itself
Add and remove ISO's in one operation while can then complete by itself, over time
CLI interface allows for a range of operations including manual image verification


  • A relative small selection of images is supplied with the key
  • All of the images listed should be available for download via the software installed on the key
  • The default image type is x86_64 , desktop
  • Some non-graphical images are also available for debugging and trouble-shooting
  • Some 32-bit images are also available for use with older machines
  • We recommend UEFI boot, although legacy should also work in most cases