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How do we get MadPenguin onboard?
All we need to do is initiate a basic transaction, if you order a Domain Name or Domain Transfer for £6 that will be sufficient.
What do we need to do to set up Web Hosting?
Once you have a working Domain Name we can generally get a working Web Site up within hours.
How do we go about getting a Site Designed?
For this we need you to collect up the content you wish to be included on the site. It doesn't need to be in any particular order, but it does need to be in electronic format. Ideally then find one or more websites you like in terms of style, and we will attempt to use those as inspiration. If you wish to submit content in paper form, we would charge a small fee to have it digitised or transcribed.
Setting up other Services
Typically setup is relatively quick and we would do our best to fit in with your schedule. In some instances we may be able to process same-day, in others there maybe a few days turnaround. If you are experiencing an extreme issue for example the failure of your current provider, we will do our best to expedite provisioning.

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