Make Me Static (Hosted)

A plugin that allows a WordPress site to be published to a static JAMStack provider (with free tier)

Make Me Static (On-Prem)

Run your own MMS server to publish one or more of your WordPress sites to a JAMStack provider

MMS Forms

JAMStack friendly feedback forms with built-in anti-spam functionality.

Make Me Static (Hosted)

This plugin is (will be) available via the WordPress plugins store. It is designed to create a static copy of your WordPress site and to store it within a git repository. This is done in such a way that the static git version can be automatically updated as and when changes are made to your WordPress site. The static copy of the site can then be published on the Internet via a JAMStack provider such as CloudFlare pages or Gitlab pages.

Although there are some implications to consider in terms of comments, feedback forms and other dynamic components, the potential benefits are enormous. Performance typically goes from a couple of pages per second to thousands, most security risks are removed, and often only free tier JAMStack services are needed which drops hosting fees to minimal levels (or zero).

Make Me Static (On-Prem)

The default Make Me Static product is delivered via a hosted copy of the MMS software to which the WordPress Plugin connects. This is great for casual or small-scale usage, but may not suit companies with a larger portfolio or the need for more flexibility. As an option we provide the MMS server as an .DEB package designed to run on on your hardware or virtual infrastructure. This can be installed on a server (or virtual server) of your choice and used to exploit the hardware you choose. 

The benefits of running your own copy of the software include; enhanced performance across multiple processes and threads, ability to mirror multiple sites on one license, independence from potential bottlenecks that a 3rd party online service may be subject to.

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MMS Forms

With traditional WordPress Forms plugins, you still need to have a copy of WordPress exposed to the Internet in order to accept and process form postings. This included things like feedback forms, mailing list subscriptions and form posting comments.

There’s also the age-old issue of SPAM postings.

MMS Forms attempts to solve all these problems by providing Javascript replacements for these functions with data temporarily being stored on an intermediate server. The resulting data can then be recovered by the MMS Plugin and integrated into your (potentially off-line) WordPress installation. These Javascript replacements utilise encrypted websocket connections which are not trivial to spoof, thus reducing or removing SPAM postings.

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